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The Work of Life

The Work of Life

The Work of Life

After a young girl’s wealthy aunt gives her a painting for her birthday, a friendship and then romance develops between the girl and the world famous artist.

After the Break

After the Break

After the Break

The full title is “After the Break: A Story of Heartache, Cats and Dogs, Dating, Killer French Fries, Hyperactive Children, Cheesy Chick Flicks, and Finding Love at Your Front Door.” Need I say more?

Except: If you’ve ever had bad experiences in the dating world, you will probably relate to and find the humor in this book.

Then Along Came Barney

Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pitbulls

Then Along Came Barney: The Story of a Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pitbulls

Imagine what it’s like when the pet you know as sweet is reviled and greatly feared by some. Picture taking your dog for a walk and people practically running in the other direction. Imagine finding out that because this dog is a member of your household you aren’t welcome in a number of communities across the country. All this and more become the experiences of the author after she adopts a very ill, pit bull. A 30-something college instructor and freelance journalist with a penchant for rescuing animals, the author initially fears the pit bull might be dangerous. But this dogs turns out to be a funny, smart and, yes, sweet animal, leading the author to question the validity of the negative pit bull stereotypes. An eye-opening journey follows. Using humor along with investigative research-including interviews with experts and pit bull lovers-the author discusses pit bulls in general, her experiences with Barney the pit bull mix, and life with multiple dogs.

The Colossals

The Colosssals

The Colosssals

When large, dinosaur-like creatures appear all over the country, some are fascinated. But, should they be worried instead? As scientists study the creatures and find that the colossal animals “hatch” from mounds of dirt, they learn an important fact:

NEVER try to prevent a Colossal from hatching!

Saving Sammy the Sea Skate

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 1.54.07 PMWhen Sammy the Skate swims too close to shore, he ends up stranded on the beach. How will Sammy get back to his home in the ocean? Learn about Sammy, a very unique-looking fish, and his adventures. Also, learn about Sammy’s exciting ocean home and some of the other creatures who share it with him.


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